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News and Events

  • Many thanks to all of those families who turned up to complete our GoGoGreen One Mile Run last weekend!

    Sponsorship money is being tallied and will let you know how much we have raised towards the Green Wall Project shortly.

  • Two children went through to the second round of the BC Radio 2's 500 Words story competition this year. 

    From around 100,000 entries Alex and Alice's stories have made it to the final 5000. Well done to you both!

  • 12 children had their artwork were selected to be displayed at this year's Sheffield Young Artist competition. 

    Daisy was awarded with one of the Runner Up prizes.

    Cherry had her artwork selected to be displayed at the Botanical Garden's Art in the Park exhibition later in the year.

  • HBIS feature in Sheffield Star

    Our school was the focus on a two page article in the Sheffield Star last week.

  • Year 2 test Twinkl's AR Books, alongside BBC Radio Sheffield

    Class 9 Butterflies were broadcast on the BBC Radio Sheffield Toby Foster Breakfast Show this morning.

    Class 9 were talking to the reporters about their experience testing some of the new Augmented Realty #AR 'Quick Look Models' books and apps from Twinkl Resources, as shown here:

    The programme is available on BBC iplayer and begins at around 1 hour 39 minutes into the programme.:

    There is an accompanying video at:

  • Making MRI Scans better for children

    Yesterday visitors from the The University of Sheffield came in to visit children in classes 2 and 5. They wanted the children's help in knowing how to make #MRI scanners for children a more enjoyable experience. They explained what an MRI scanner was, how it works and why MRI scans are used.

    Firstly the children  had to draw something that made them feel  happy or a toy/character that we liked.
    Then they were given junk modelling and in groups had to create our own version of an MRI scanner for little characters to go in. Next they used  iPads and some VR googles to know what it was like to be in hospital seeing an MRI scan happen – it really brought it to life!

    The ladies were very grateful for the children's help and ideas and will keep us up to date with their project.

  • Hunter's Bar Bake Off

    Many thanks for all who supported our Great HBIS Bake Off events last term. As a school you raised over £420. This money will be added to the school's Eco Green Wall appeal. 

    All winners can be seen on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Well done and thank you!

  • Stars of the Week

    Every Friday we award a certificate to a child from each class. The ward may be in recognition of any personal positive achievement they have made during that week.

    We will post the recipients of these awards on the Class Learning Blogs, along with a photograph, each Friday evening. A photograph will also be posted on the notice board near the main gate each Monday.

  • Children in Need

    Thank you for your donations to Children in Need today. As a school we raised over £260.

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